For over 20 years I have sold, and executed complex projects, that have many moving parts.

So naturally I looked beyond the excel spreadsheet to online collaboration tools so as to manage my time and resources.

Getting the people in your team and organization to keep on track and on time, it is essential for a successful outcome based on tasks, collaboration and milestone completions.

The workforce has changed dramatically over the past few years, and teams are now a blend of W2 and 1099 individuals. We are not only tracking their performance, but their interactive status with team members, and the projects they are involved in.

As the projects got more involved, I found that I was running several different platforms to generate reports, and my teams we getting frustrated that they had to download and install multiple platforms to satisfy my requirements for getting the job done.

From an executive perspective I wanted to get up to date reports and see a snapshot of where a project was and where my team members were with their milestones, but to get that holistic view, I had to take the data from each individual platform and aggregate the data. READ MORE >>

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