Sounds of America’s Small Business - Harris Workstations

November 15, 2017

Harris WorkSystems was founded 18 years ago by Colleen Harris as a result of her work with Dr. Elizabeth Dowler Ph.D. Dr. Dowler had designed a group of ergonomic furniture accessories that were branded as "Situs" accessories. Ms. Harris then became head of Dr. Dowler's "furniture division" and as a result of her passion for ergonomics, Ms. Harris grew that division to such an extent that Dr. Dowler eventually sold her that division which in turn became Harris WorkSystems. Ms. Harris' customers soon began to ask her for other products and services and so began our growth toward where we are today.


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BCN’s Link’d AM Segment with Derek Stumfall at Geowhiz

November 13, 2017

Geowhiz has joined forces with some of the greatest brands in the world to electrify their message, make it kid friendly, and share their stories with kids and their families. If you’re focused on kids age three to 12 and looking to add digital media to your arsenal of marketing tools, we’ve got a solution for you.